Apart from the board, which deals with all the general organisational matters, the MV has several committees which are responsible for separate parts of the Association. Each committee is supervised by a representative from the Board (the QQ).


The Lustrum Committee organizes the amazing lustrum week in November 2017. During this year they are busy with organizing all events for this week. More information and the theme of this lustrum can be found on


f.l.t.r.: Wout Lohle, Emma Zomer, Wesley van Maanen, Milou Kaptein, Jaap van Duijn



The members of the NRC form the editorial staff of the magazine Natural Resource.  The Natural Resource is an MV-publication which is published four times annually and sent free of charge to all the members of the Association.


f.l.t.r.: Martijn Bos, Jesse de Jong (QQ), Goof Blokker, Davini Kalloe, Jeanne Steijn, Christine Klöpping


Yearbook Committee

Four times every five years a Yearbook is produced. In this book, events from the past year that were related to the MV or the faculty are recorded. In addition, the Yearbook contains a series of scientific articles from the various disciplines within the faculty and several historical mining-related stories. The distribution takes place among 250 students and more than 1100 Extraordinary Members (alumni and staff members).

v.l.n.r.: Raimon van Grootel, Janneke Zwetsloot, Daniella Gur, Daniëlle Bode (QQ), Pieter Bosman

f.l.t.r.: Raimon van Grootel, Janneke Zwetsloot, Daniella Gur, Daniëlle Bode (QQ), Pieter Bosman



The members of the NoCo (‘Noorden Committee’) ensure an abundant flow of beer in ‘Het Noorden’. During regular Wednesday evenings they’ll make sure the members are playing games togethe. On countless other social events in the beautiful Mining Café they are behind the bar to make the drinks. In addition, under supervision of the Warden, they keep themselves busy with the practical maintenance of ‘Het Noorden’.


f.l.t.r: Sil Mossel, Dorus Vlierboom, Guus Hoogewerf, Tim Meijer, Jan Willem Buist (QQ), Friso ter Steege, Krijn van Alphen, Freek Smit



The PromoCo  works in  cooperation with the faculty to set up the Information Days for future BSc.-students and is pro-active in thinking up and executing new initiatives with regards to information services.


f.l.t.r.: Jesse de Jong(QQ), Emma Blanken, Dhavissen Narayen, Eva Potthoff, Koen Harms, Gijs van Ouwerkerk



The STARO consists of a group of BSc.-students from all three years who come together to talk about all matters regarding education. Subjects that are discussed  include the scheduling of practicals and exams, the availability of study material and the evaluation results of certain classes and exams.

Year 1, Floris Vis, Gabriella Teixeira, Marlee Spreij, Ties de Jong

Year 2, Anika Vroom, Koen Harms, Marlieke de Vries

Year 3, Yada Plukmontol, Tim van der Hulst, Paul Oosterhout


The members of the GOC are responsible for making pictures of all the MV events. The events the GOC visit range from lectures or company visits to a special occasion in ‘Het Noorden’.

f.l.t.r.: Rens van der Vleuten, Marja Machielse, Daniëlle Bode (QQ), Sophie van Rijn, Rafael von Banniseht



The SpoCo is responsible for organizing all kinds of sports activities during the year like the MV-cup, the Batavierenrace and of course the MV winter sports vacation!


f.l.t.r.: Sylke van der Kleij, Roosmarijn Ceelen (QQ), Alex Ballaer, Isabelle Llaneza, Fabian Kamp, Robin Bauhuis


 PhD Committee

The PhD committee is formed by PhD students from the departments G&E and G&RS. Every section is represented by 2 PhD students. The committee was founded to create a new bonding between PhD students from the different sections, by organizing activities for PhD students only.  The other goal is to give our students more sight into the research which is done at our department, by giving PhD lectures about a specific research project.



The WebCo is responsible for the technical aspect of the MV website and the maintenance of it.


f.l.t.r.: Lars Keuris, Adriaan van Natijne, Daniëlle Bode (QQ), Lars Gebraad