Company Days

The Company Days is an event we host yearly to allow companies to reach (graduate) students and for the students to orientate which direction they would like to go after graduating. Besides this, companies can take on-campus interviews with our graduate students that are looking for a job. This is both for the company and the student an easy way to come in contact with companies from all over the world.

During the Company days, companies from all the fields of Applied Earth Sciences visit our faculty at the TU Delft to give presentations for our students. The presentations are followed by a social event, such as a buffet, lunch or drinks, to allow for informal contact. These company visits are an ideal moment to get in contact with our students.

The Company Days take place during the first weeks of December. Some companies that are not able to attend the Company Days choose to do their presentations another time during the year which is of course also an option.

When a company wants to recruit graduate students, on-campus interviews can be held in our faculty. For these interviews the MV will arrange everything such as the rooms and of course the students.