Since 2008, the AES bachelor consist partly of minor. In the first half year of the third year of the bachelor, every student can expand their knowledge with subjects that are not taught as part of your own study programme. The TU Delft offers several minors and electives for this part of the programme. You can do a minor at our own faculty, but also at other faculties within the TU Delft and on other universities.

Applied Earth Sciences offers the following minors:

For minors on other faculties, you can find more information at minors.tudelft.nl. You have to register if you want to participate in a minor. In April, there is a information event organised by the TU Delft. This event is about TU Delft minors, for information about minors on other universities, you need to visit their websites.

You can also do your minor abroad. If you are interested in doing your minor abroad, then visit the study advisor.

TA-Mi-077-08: Research Project Applied Earth Sciences

Coördinator: K.H.A.A. Wolf
During this project, you will be focussed on one research project. Together with your supervisor, you will be choosing a subject. You can also do part of your project abroad or in combination with your BSc Thesis and you can start this minor whenever you want. Interested? Click here for more information.