The Delft Mining Association (MV) is the student association for all BSc students Applied Earth Sciences and MSc & PhD students Resource Engineering, Geo-Engineering, Petroleum Engineering & Geosciences, Applied Geophysics and Geoscience & Remote Sensing.
In addition, the MV is also the alumni association for all graduates and staff members of the departments involved in the educational programme.

  • 25th Lustrum: Do or Die – Creating the resource market of tomorrow 17/01/17 - In November 2017 it is time: we will celebrate the 125th birthday of the Mijnbouwkundige Vereeniging! From Friday the 17th of November until Saturday the 25th of November a week full of activities will take place. Continue reading
  • Zero’s excursion 24/08/17 - During the Zero’s excursion, upcoming AES students visited different companies in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium during this four days excursion. On Thursday, we went to Shell Rijswijk where a drill simulator was demonstrated and the scientific lab was shown. … Continue reading
  • Bucket Wheel Tour 18/05/17 - Blood, sweat and tears have been spilled last saturday during the very first edition of the one and only Bucket Wheel Tour! First of all the participants had a lunch in the Huszár to make sure they were full of … Continue reading
  • Bachelor Study Trip 21/03/17 - At the end of February the Bachelor Study Trip took place. This excursion is organized for the third year and older bachelor students who are still in doubt about their choice of master track. The excursion took the 36 students … Continue reading