Mini-Symposium The Rare Earth Elements

Date - 11/04/16
15:00 - 16:30

Science Center


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The program will be as follows:

Mike Buxton: Welcome and Introduction
– Jack Voncken: About my interest in Rare Earth Elements, and why I wrote the book
Yongxiang Yang: Recycling of REEs from EOL NdFeB permanent magnets – an overview
Prakash Venkatesan: Electrochemical recycling of REEs from NdFeB magnet waste
Aida Abbasalizadeh: Novel approaches to address the low solubility issue of REOs in molten salts electrolysis
Xiaoling Guo: An empirical model  for solubility of rare earth oxides in molten fluorides
Sebastiaan Peelman: Extraction of rare earth elements from mine tailings

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mini symposium 11 April 2016