Many thanks to…

We are very grateful for everyone who helped us by realizing this work of art. It has been a great pleasure to work together with Land Art Delft and the artist Toshitaka Nishizawa. Also, we would like to thank Jacob Fokkema and the faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences for their support. Duco Drenth, Piet Hein van der Kleijn and Birgit de Bruin, we highly appreciate your help and input during various stages of this project.

The work of art could never have been realised without our generous contributors. Thank you very much for your contribution!

Many thanks to…

Delft University Fund

Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences

Foundation Erfgoed Mijnbouwkunde Delft

Foundation Land Art Delft

KIVI mijnbouw

W.J. Abels
B.J.E. de Bruin
Y.J.E. Dahmen
D.J.H. Drenth
J. Flikkema
J. Flink
J. Fokkema
J. van der Gaag
R.J. Goedman
F.H. Gubler
B.R. Heinen and L.F. Groenendaal
P.D. Huizer
J.D. Jansen
C.H.M. Louwarts
J.J.M. Meijknecht
G. Pijpers
J.W.D. Roosch
R.W. Selles and P.H.M. Selles-Jaartsveld
J. Schils and S. Schils – van der Starre
E.J. Sibinga Mulder
J.P.A. Roest
J.G.W. Smalt
M.J.P.M. Struik
C. Terwogt
L.J.H. Ursem – Sky Energy Partners
H.W. Verschuur and M.A. Verschuur-Boer
J. van der Vuurst de Vries
K.J. Weber
P.M. van Welsenes and J.P. van Welsenes – Hopman
D.A. Wijmans
M.J. te Winkel