As soon as it became clear to us that the work of art would be realized, a mail has been sent out to the alumni BLMV to inform them about the project and to ask them for their input. We received lots of comments and we would like to thank the ones that responded for their great ideas, compliments and the time you took.

From this e-mail we also received some options for the stone that would be used for the design. Some of the initiatives were a granite stone and a stone that would take CO2 out of the air, but these were unfortunately not possible because of this size of the project. People their enthusiasm to our e-mail and during the 50 years Barbara Drinks on June 7th 2019 was very motivating to us. We really appreciate interested people to keep in touch with us!

Because it was not possible to make use of a stone that was proposed by our alumni, we chose to purchase a block of marmer. LAD has helped us with this. The marmer is 3.5×2.0x1.2 meters big and weighs about 25 tons! A design has been made by the artist in correspondence with the themes of the work of art. This design has been approved and you can see it below.

Sketch design by Toshitaka Nishizawa

At this moment we are busy gathering the funding for the realization of the project. We’re happy to have received the first donation already and hope to meet other contributors real soon!

The marble is also on its way to The Netherlands right now. Do you want to know where to find it now? Check out and search for the MSc Cordoba!

Work in progress by Toshitaka Nishizawa at LandArt Delft in summer 2018