4. In contact with Campus & Real Estate

The new academic year has just started and also new steps are being made in this project. Last week, we sat around the table with the Campus & Real Estate team of the TU Delft to make sure that the work of art can actually be placed at the campus in February.

3. Dinner with the artist

We recently had dinner with the artist at LandArt Delft. It was a good night and nice getting to know each other better. Special thanks to LandArt Delft!

2. Work in progress

The artist Toshitaka Nishizawa and his two assistants have arrived in Delft and start the work off right away. Check out the progress from the first days of work.

1. Arrival of the marble

The marble has arrived at LandArt Delft. Heavy equipment was necessary to put the marble into place, but time to get the work started!