The Delft Mining Association (MV) is the student association for all BSc students Applied Earth Sciences and MSc & PhD students Resource Engineering, Geo-Engineering, Petroleum Engineering & Geosciences, Applied Geophysics and Geoscience & Remote Sensing and Environmental Engineering.
In addition, the MV is also the alumni association for all graduates and staff members of the departments involved in the educational programme.

50 years Barbaradrinks

On the 7th of June this year, the Barbaradrinks will celebrate its 50th anniversary. To join us on this beautiful day, buy your ticket using the link below!

News and Past activities

  • Joint Interdisciplinary Project 01/04/19- The Joint Interdisciplinary Project is an exceptional opportunity to incorporate real interdisciplinary teamwork into your… ...
  • Rally 20/12/18- On the 9th and 10th of March, the rally will take place! Students, alumni and… ...